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Name: Dr.Sangeeta Chaudhary
E-mail: schaudhary_13@yahoo.co.in
City: Vadodara
State/Province: Gujarat
Country: India
Sent: 04/17/2011 11:02:47 am

I want to be a fello in this community but do not know anybody who is already a member

Name: Siri Gamage
E-mail: siri.gamage@une.edu.au
City: Armidale
State/Province: New
Country: Australia
Sent: 02/28/2011 11:43:15 pm

Name: Muhammad Abdullahi Muhammad
E-mail: sarkimaje@yahoo.com
City: Kano
State/Province: Kano
Country: Nigeria
Sent: 02/28/2011 09:11:13 am

I am actually impressed by the site;its potentialities are great, but looks like it is limited to academicians (?)
If I'm wrong in perceiving so let me know.
Love youuuuuuu!

Name: Dr. Martha Llanos
E-mail: marthallanosforofreire@gmail.com
HomePage: www.forofreire.pe
City: Lima
State/Province: Lima
Country: PERU
Sent: 02/27/2011 03:16:14 pm

Congratulations. I have found today your reference. I am a Peruvian researcher in the field of Poverty and Human Development with special emphasis on children rights and more over indigenous children Rights.
Look forward to a more active communication and exchange I have worked extensively in South Asia India, Nepal.

With appreciation
Martha Llanos
Honorary Professor
Director International Relations.Paulo Freire Forum Peru

Name: Valli Murphy
E-mail: valli.murphy@gmail.com
City: Annandale
State/Province: NJ
Country: USA
Sent: 02/22/2011 10:43:22 pm

I'm looking forward to exploring your site.
Name: Charles Rutherford
E-mail: rasputinik@gmail.com
City: Charleston
State/Province: South Carolina
Country: United States of America
Sent: 12/24/2010 10:13:12 pm

Excellent site. I am still exploring the site resources and features. I have lived and worked outside of the US at length joined by my family. I am extremely interested in the intercultural social and psychological studies. I look forward to applying what I learn to good practical use as well. Thank you for the great efforts and work you have put into this site as well as connecting people with similar interests from all over the world.

Charles Rutherford

Name: Yaki Wang
E-mail: yakiwang2007@sina.com
City: Fuzhou
State/Province: Fujian
Country: China
Sent: 06/24/2010 12:06:25 am

1. It is cool if there is a forum, like BBS here, and make members or incomers from different countries to know each other and communicate with each other.

2. If visitor could find one page with all links about what's going on here, that should be more convenient.

Best wishes for more success here!

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